Employee Benefits

Healthcare analytics is the power of data-based decision making. Dealerships are faced with difficult choices when managing the expense of an employee health insurance program. The key to controlling costs is the understanding of what’s driving them.

According to the American Society of Actuaries, the biggest advantage of self-funded and partially self-funded health insurance plans is the transparency of claims data. Self-funding has become an option for smaller companies due to the captive cell company structure and stop loss insurance.

Choosing the right strategic partner to help you structure a partially self-funded program and contain the immediate expense of your employee health insurance plan best suited to your dealership culture comes down to who best understands your business. Dealer Cover has partnered with Doxsee Foster & Associates to create a captive insurance company that can provide a single segregated cell for dealers to partially self-fund their employee health plan. Each cell is separate from others so there is no risk of joint liability or assessments.

Success is assured by purchasing stop loss insurance at reasonable levels to limit the risk of each specific claim and cap the aggregate total for all claims in any annual term. The plan is designed around your existing network and includes Anthem Blue of California, CIGNA and custom networks.

The healthcare captive program will reduce your long-term health care costs, improve employee wellness and streamline healthcare delivery through our cloud based “employee dashboard” that allows 24/7 employee and employer access. Your dealership will have the advantage of a self-funded program without the risk of self-insurance and catastrophic loss.